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clock Style: French Bronze Figural .
Comment: Cast Bronze Figures with amazing detail and marble trim. Astrological theme.
Stock Number:2288
Case: Cast Bronze on marble trimmed base 14 1/2" tall, width 16" x depth 5".
Works:Vincenti & Cie 8 day time and strike on bell movement.
Value: Sold 2010 $ 1,750.00
Year: c.prior to 1870. Trade mark ME'DAILLE D'ARGENT VINCENTI Cie 1855.
Reference: The factory is beleived to have ceaced operation in 1870. The French Marble clock by Nicolas M. Thrope
Condition: Case: Very good, Missing a corner trim of marble in the back; Works: Excellent, cleaned.
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Close up.
Showing the astronomical board
The ladies seated..
Side view.
Another view.
Side view two.
just another picture.
Trying to show the detail of the casting.
Back showing the missing marble trim.
Clean Movement.
Movement again.
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clock Style:Bronze Thoroughbred on Marble Base. Awesome!!
Comment:One of the most impressive clocks we have ever seen.
Stock Number: 2216
Case: Bronze base supporting a marble case and large Bronze Thoroughbred. Height 18".
Works: French silk thread suspension movement with strike on bell.
For Sale: $ 7,250.00 plus P&S.
Year: 1830's
Reference:Page 278 in Miller's Clocks & Barometers Buyer's Guide, 1997 London.
Condition: Case - Exceptional. Works, excellent and cleaned.
Close up.
Another in different light.
Same horse.
Head Shot.
Bronze base and dial.
Clock from the side.
Dial and great hands. Minute hand with lost back end during its 170 years.
A view from the front of the horse.
Great bronze.
Back of clock showing bell strike movement.
Beautiful clean movement in excelant condition.
Trade mark sometime between 1823 and 1885.
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clock Style:The Snake Lady
Comment:Great figural clock in quilt bronze.
Stock Number: 2067
Case: Outstanding original condition. Height 15 3/4".
Works: French silk thread high quality 8 day time and strike on bell.
For Sale: $ 6,500.00 plus P&S.
Year: 1830.
Reference: none.
Condition: Case - Excellent. Works, excellent. Original hands and pendulum
Close up.
All of Base.
Close to the snake.
Close to the snake again.
Outside photo.
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